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Dear, Valued Entrepreneurs, Bangladesh.

It is our pleasure to inform you that Perfect Engineering is a well-known company in the Sector of Electrical Control and Distribution Equipment.With a view to providing Electrical Solutions through quality products with warranty, Perfect Engineering worked as an Indentor, Importer, Stockiest and Local Supplier, with the working criteria of equipment installation, Testing and commissioning. We maintain the standards from ILO. BNBC, DIFE, ACCORD, Alliance as compliance issues. As a part of our diversification efforts, Perfect Engineering has quickly expanded in the Government as well as Private sector. However, the journey has started since long and we are continuously seeking ways to improve our products, services and overall customer satisfaction.

As an innovative company in its every respective sector, our strong concentration is to capture the major market share in respective field with satisfaction of customer and establish our company as the role model company in Bangladesh.

In recent days, the industries of our country have been suffering with the Fire and Electrical Disaster. Frequent Fire Disaster makes a great financial loss to the owners and state also. Moreover, these hazards become a great panic to the general mass of the country. Because most of the companies are segregated even in and around the residential and commercial areas of the cities and towns.

With a view to mitigating this national disaster, our Labor and Employment Ministry has taken an initiative by its Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment.

They have checked and scrutinized some special firms in this field so that they may have entrusted by giving permission to investigate the current situation of the safety issues. These firms will provide the Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA) and Correct Action Plan (CAP). They also perform the Solutions, maintenance, design, repair, installation and proper suggestion to the affected industries or organizations.

In this regard Perfect Engineering has been enlisted in this list of Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment. With this special enlistment by the Government, our company is capable to provide the Detail Engineering Assessment (DEA) and Correct Action Plan (CAP) to improve all of your factory’s defects with measures and suggestions.

As per above objectives you are cordially requested to know about your factory’s current situation regarding Fire and Electric Safety Issue. In this respect our skilled Engineers and manpower are always ready for your service.

Your early anticipation will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,



(SK. M. Fazlul Karim)


Perfect Engineering

Cell: 01713033908.